The Most Holy Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Most Holy Nativity Of Our Lord Jesus Christ


                                                                                            PROTOCOL        PHASE 2            10/25/2020

1.- Sunday mass obligation is suspended indefinitely for all parishioners and any visitors of this Diocese.

2.- Vulnerable parishioner over 65 years of age and parishioner with any chronic health condition, such diabetes, hypertension, etc ; are strongly encouraged to remain at home.  We will accommodate these parishioners with any of these conditions by live streaming mass on a social network such Facebook.

3.- Most Holy Nativity is working to reduce high risk situations, however, the presence of a parishioner in any public event constitutes with the understanding and acceptance that there is a level of risk.

4.- Those parishioners with symptoms of any illness are recommended not to attend church.

5.-The space will be limited to 25% of the church capacity, respecting the distance of 6 feet between each individual. To achieve this, half of the temple benches have been removed with a limited space of 60 people per celebration. Once the space reaches its limit, signs will be posted on the access door indicating that the church has reached its capacity and inviting them to attend another mass.


7.- We will have a cantor but no congregational singing.

8.- The Holy Water Fonts, Missalettes, hymnals, offertory envelopes and other worship material have been removed. The weekly Parish bulletin will be available after mass outside the church for self-pickup and will be stored between masses.

9.- Only one door will be used as the main entrance and a server will allow parishioner to enter and three doors will be used for exiting. Easel will be placed at the main entrance informing parishioners that the capacity of the church is full ( the capacity of the church is only 60 seats)

10.-Holy Communion ministers have been instructed to wash their hands and to use antibacterial gel before and after distributing communion. Non- vulnerable parishioners have been chosen as Minister of  Holy Communion. The Parishioners who want to receive communion will remain standing  and the Eucharistic Minister will approach them to where they are seated.

11.- There will be three doors designated to exit, the servers will lead each pew for the way out always respecting the distance between people and the baskets for the offerings will be placed at each door.

12.- Eucharistic Adoration will continue from the vehicles at the parking lot every Wednesday at 5:00pm for one hour.

13.-Sacrament of penance will be celebrated indoor in a large room with their face mask all the time and respecting distance.

14.- Special celebrations (funerals , weddings, Baptism, Quinceaneras) will follow the same protocols as weekend and weekly masses.

15.- At the beginning of each mass the commentator will give instructions on the procedures to be follow during the mass. The instructions are as follows: Always wear your face mask , Do not move from your seats, do not touch others during the sign of peace or the Our Father prayer, receive Holy Communion in your hand and consume it in front of the Minister.

16.-After each mass (weekly and weekend masses)  there will be a group designated to disinfect the church  area and the restrooms. The benches will be cleaned with special fabric and metal disinfectant. Restrooms and doors will be cleaned with bleach. The Sacred Vessels will be washed immediately after each mass.

17.-Parish meetings are strongly encourage with the use of technology, in person meetings will follow the same protocols of social distancing and disinfectant protocols.

Rev. Francisco R. Maldonado


Weekly Mass :
Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am mass in English
Thursday & Friday 9:00am mass in Spanish
Saturday Mass in Spanish 9:00am
Saturday Mass in English 5:00pm
Sunday Mass in English 9:00am this mass will be posted Facebook live
Sunday Mass in Spanish 10:30am this mass will be posted Facebook live
For those Parishioners who watched virtual or television broadcast, Holy Communion will be distributed in our Parking lot from 11:30am -11:45am
Sunday Mass in Spanish 12:00pm

Office Hours

Office Hours (Horario de Oficina)
Monday - Friday (Lunes a Viernes)
8:00am - 2:00pm


PASTOR - Rev. Francisco R. Maldonado

PAROCHIAL VICAR - Rev. Cayetano Cabrera

DEACONS - Javier Fierro, Francisco Padilla, & Carl Sadlier

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Most Holy Nativity parish is a community with strong roots in the Catholic faith. The parish is recognized by its hospitality and rich cultural diversity. Members of the parish community pledge themselves to grow in their faith and to live it, nourished by the word of God and the Holy Eucharist. They reach out to invite all God’s people to celebrate his love through participation in the liturgy, prayer, service and fellowship. The parish community is committed to prepare present and future generations to be strong in faith and in service of God and his people.

Click here for the Parish Registration Form.  Return the completed form to the parish office by mail or in person or drop in the offertory basket.

Presione Aquí para la forma de registro en español. Devuelva el formulario completo a la oficina de nuestra parroquia por correo o en persona o deposite en la canasta del ofertorio.


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All Group Meetings are cancelled

United Hearts of Jesus and Mary / Corazones Unidos de Jesús y María

Meet on the Third Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm (Se reúnen el tercer Miércoles del mes 6:00pm). There will be no group meeting during the month of June and July.

Knights of Columbus / Caballeros de Colon

Meet on the First Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm (Se reúnen el primer Martes del mes a las 7:00pm).


Spanish prayer group meets on Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm (Grupo habla español se reúnen el segundo Miércoles  y el cuarto Miércoles del mes a las 6:30pm).

Divine Mercy  / Divina Misericordia

Meets first & second Thursday of the month at 6:00pm (Se reúnen el primer y segundo Jueves de mes a las 6:00pm). There will be no group meeting during the month of June and July.

Grupo Guadalupano

Please contact Deacon Francisco Padilla.

(Por favor contactar al Diacono Francisco Padilla para mas información).


Eucharistic Adoration


(Adoración Semanal) At The Parish Parking Lot. 

Please stay inside your vehicle all the time.

Every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

(Todos los Miércoles de 5:00pm a 6:00pm).


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