The Most Holy Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Conceptual design

 We are excited to share with you the Conceptual Design drawings for the new church building and property submitted by José Luis Cuevas, RA of TAC Architects.

 A1 Site plan Proposal provides an overall  feel of the approximate location of the church building, property access, flow of traffic, and parking.

 A2.1 Reference Floor Plan Proposal-II reflects the proposed location of Pastoral and business offices, sacristy, narthex, restrooms, crying/ bridal room,   chapel, confessionals, nave altar, baptismal font, and cremation niches. The nave is designed to seat 619, crying room to seat 22 and chapel to seat 45.

 As you know any and all donations for the construction and site improvement will help us get closer to making this conceptual design a reality.

 Please consider making a onetime donation or pledge to the Capital Campaing.



Reference floor proposal-II A2.1